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The restaurant is built on the skeleton of an enormous whale in the heart of the Hondarribia fishing district. Perhaps it's the fortitude of the whale that keeps alive our passion for the sea and our respect for our roots. Since 1965, we've been doing what we love most, which is cooking emotions.

On sunny days with a tailwind we recommend the terrace. Basking under the sun on the deck in the shelter of the main sail is a wonderful experience. On summer days you can feel the gentle sea breeze blowing through the marina and around your table.

Flanked by robust wood beams, our dining room is an open space full of authentic details that express the essence of a fisherman's house. It's the perfect place to enjoy a special occasion or large family reunion. Our friendly high quality service will make your evening special.

Our aquarium, located near the entry, is one of the most special places in the restaurant and it lets our guests admire our products live. We're very serious about respecting products, and these are the details that help us create unique dishes like our zortziko.